Cinema 4D lighting tools that add studio realism for superior renders

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 Studio Kit Pro adds realistic Cinema 4D lighting to your scenes
and will save you countless hours by streamlining the lighting process

Realistic Cinema 4D Lighting starts with Studio Kit Pro by C4Depot. Studio Kit is a powerful tool consisting of  a set of Xpresso-driven lights, bounce cards, HRDI environments and backdrops. These elements deliver real-world, studio lighting to your scenes – simply the most robust set of Cinema 4D lighting tools available. Studio Kit Pro will take your renders to the next level while saving you hours by eliminating repetitive yet tricky lighting set-up routines within your scenes. All of the lights, backdrops, pre-lit environments and light modifiers are automated to make adding realistic lighting to any Cinema 4D scene as simple and efficient as possible


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Studio Kit Pro by C4Depot is a feature-packed tool that simulates a real-world movie set or photo studio with physically accurate lighting tools driven by a proprietary Xpresso engine.

Studio Light Kit Pro Contains:

  • Fully adjustable directional soft box with auto targeting
  • Fully adjustable overhead soft box with auto targeting
  • One spot light
  • Fully adjustable ring light
  • One Ambient Light Dome
  • Four Backdrops
  • Eight HDRI skies optimized for enhanced relfections
  • 23 Preset Scenes with environments and lights
  • Seven test subjects including six FREE HIGH-POLY MODELS from our collection:








Six high-poly models are included with Studio Kit Pro

Studio Kit Pro Product Description

Building a studio environment from scratch has never been easier with the Studio Kit Pro’s elements. Just, place a backdrop and environment  into your scene and illuminate it with real-world light sources. Or choose from the complete, ready to render studio presets.The C4Depot Studio Kit will enable you spend more time on the creative process by eliminating the complex and repetitive tasks involved in setting up your scenes.

Studio Kit Pro loads into your content browser inside Cinema 4D. From there, you can select backdrops, HDRI environments, lights, test models, pre-lit studio scenes and bounce cards to quickly illuminate your scene. Everything inside Studio Kit Pro is balanced with Xpresso driven algorithms to guarantee your lighting elements stay in balance.

The workflow for setting up lights inside Cinema 4D consists of numerous steps which need to be done repeatedly in every new scene. Fiddling with skies, materials, and lighting parameters is unavoidable. Even if you’ve done this a thousand times, getting the correct light balance to your scenes requires dialing in a lot of parameters and wastes a LOT of time.

Studio Kit Pro changes all that. With the sophisticated array of dynamic, expresso-based lighting tools in Studio Kit Pro, you’ll have unlimited control over multiple lighting parameters at once, and all from a streamlined, easy to use interface.

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